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Costa Rica Invest :: Making your Costa Rican Dreams Reality | Benefits of Land Purchase

As an exhaustible resource, well-located and zoned building land is widely considered the most reliable and profitable investment a person can make. Land unerringly increases in value. Looking back as far back as the turn of the 19th century, the average price of land over each 10 year period never showed significant decreases in value, not even in during recession.

"Land is a good investment, because, quite simply, they ain't making any more of it"

In a few years, a flood of American retirees will enter the market seeking a place in the sun, most without sufficient means for a million dollar villa by the sea. Huge demand will be created for smaller, more affordable building plots not too far from the sea and the beach. There are over 100 million baby boomers scheduled to retire from 2011 and onwards and some estimates indicate that up to 10% will seek a home outside of the the USA. These baby boomers will seek:

  • a great climate
  • low cost of living
  • excellent health care

and Costa Rica provides these and so much more

A question we are often asked: "Why not invest in an existing building instead of land?" During an upswing in development, development land appreciates faster than buildings. Land shortages drive values up, according to property experts. In other words, well-located building plots have the potential to appreciate much faster than developed properties.

Combine well located development land with the added benefit of valuable crops growing on your lot and you may just have "the perfect investment"

Investing in Costa Rican land for sale is a logical place to put your money. Donald Trump, for example, made his millions by what is called land banking – the process of buying and holding land for future sale or development.


The price of land in Costa Rica is still highly undervalued in comparison to countries like Mexico. There is enormous upward potential. Costa Rican building plots are scarce, especially in the coastal regions, with over 30% of Costa Rica's land surface declared as a nature reserve or park. Costa Rica plans to be carbon neutral as a nation by 2021 and to achieve this goal more land will need to be zoned "undevelopable" and more trees planted. This will push prices of existing development land upwards.

Invest in a well located building plot in the hottest real estate market in the world, through Costa Rica Invest......even better your land comes with the added value of crops growing on it. Our ecological subdivisions provide the best of both worlds, a great location to build and a return from your crop, and your being kind to the environment too!

Nature Walk, Costa Rica is ready for immediate development. The price of your building plot includes on site water and electricity, topographical work, placement of border markers, and road access. You will receive an official notary deed for your Costa Rican building plot and it will be registered in the Land Registry. If you wish to sell your building plot in a few years, you are free to hire a local real estate agent. Of course, we are also at your disposal to handle the sale.

If you plan to build your own dream home on your peice of paradise.....we are at your disposal through Tropical Teak Homes of Costa Rica. You can even use your teak in it's construction! You can download our teak home brochure in the download area

Costa Rica Invest tirelessly seeks out and researches the best land investment and purchase projects in Costa Rica to offer you the best of all worlds, combining a green focus with sound investment strategies. Our aim is to considerably increase your net worth as well as the ethical integrity of your investment portfolio.

Act today, your home in paradise!
Give us a call at USA +1-202-697-9284 or Europe +353-1-272-4184
You have nothing to lose and everthing to gain

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