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Costa Rica Invest :: Making your Costa Rican Dreams Reality | About Costa Rica Costa Rica Invest :: Making your Costa Rican Dreams Reality | About Costa Rica Costa Rica Invest :: Making your Costa Rican Dreams Reality | About Costa Rica

According to NASA, Costa Rica has the best climate in the world. Add to that its democratic and peaceful government, exponential increase in land and natural resource values, and you have a stable and idyllic escape from the high speed, high cost, low enjoyment lifestyles of many other countries

Full demographic information regarding Costa Rica, it’s government, economy, and population are detailed in the CIA World Factbook for Costa Rica.


Happy Planet Index 2012
- Costa Rica #1 (NEF 2012)

Most Prosperous Country in Latin America
- Costa Rica #1 (Legatum Prosperity Index 2012)

Global Environmental Performance Index
- Costa Rica #5 (Yale University 2012)

Worldwide Political and Social Stability
- Costa Rica #7 (Economist Intelligence Unit 2010)

Most Globalised Country in Latin America
- Costa Rica #3 (KOF Index of Globalisation 2012)

Most Attractive Latin American Country for Foreign Investment
- Costa Rica #2 (ECLAC United Nations 2011)


Just a couple hours from the US by plane, Costa Rica offers a cheap and safe retirement haven for American, Canadian, and now European ‘Baby Boomers’ interested in acquiring affordable real estate near the sea and beach. With prices now out of reach in Mexico, Costa Rica has seen a steady increase of 7% annually in tourism with an annual tourism industry worth over $2 billion per year. Already a haven for movie-stars attracted to Costa Rica’s diverse, beautiful landscape and beaches, the next decade will see Costa Rican real estate exponentially increasing in value as the demand rises. Over 100 million US and Canadaian Baby Boomers will begin to retire from 2011 onwards and some estimates indicate that up to 10% will seek to retire outside the USA and Canada. These baby boomer retirees will seek good climate, cheaper cost of living and high quality heatlh care and Costa Rica "ticks" all these boxes.

With already so much to offer, the President of Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla, continues to welcome people worldwide to visit this amazing country on the No Artifical Ingredients Costa Rica tourism website.

Excellent Health Care

With over 25% of Costa Rica’s land declared as a nature reserve or park, building land in Costa Rica is scarce – more so if you are near to the water. As the ever-increasing demand for well located building plots in Costa Rica continues, the upward potential is enormous for these development lots. Currently house and development land prices in the prime locations of Costa Rica are increasing sharply.

The Costa Rica Tourism website talks about some of the reasons for Costa Rica’s economic stability.


A number of IT multinational companies (Intel, Microsoft) and pharmaceutical multinational companies (Abbot Laboratories, Johnson, Merck Sharp and Dome) have set up production units in Costa Rica. Companies such as Procter and Gamble, HP and Dell have also installed their regional customer service offices for the American continent in San José. In addition an important high quality textile industry has been developed. These companies have invested billions of dollars in Costa Rica, to benefit from a stable country, highly educated work force and low tax environment

The World Bank talks about the reality that Costa Rica has enjoyed an average income that is among the highest in the region.


The global downturn brought with it falls in Costa Rica real estate prices - particularly in overpriced "new development locations". Prices have now stabilised and are increasing rapidly in line with a general global recovery. The prices of land in in good locations in Costa Rica are rising rapidly. Costa Rica Invest knows this, and we anticipate our development land investment projects carefully. When we choose a land investment project, we pay very close attention to the infrastructure and the tourist development in the area. Expert knowledge of the rapid increase of Costa Rican land prices is key in reaching your investment goals.

Investment Points:

  • Costa Rica rated 2nd in tourism in the Caribbean and Latin America
  • Costa Rica ranked in top 10 fastest growing tourism markets
  • Costa Rica ranked safest country in Latin America
  • Huge inward investment from major multinationals, with many headquarters being set up there
  • Highly educated workforce with 96% literacy rates, one of the highest in the world
  • Support from the Government to preserve the remaining nature reserves
  • Surrounded by extensively diverse flora and fauna
  • Many small islands and romantic beaches in sheltered bays
  • Dry and warm climate of 24-30 degrees Centigrade year round
  • Stable and peaceful government
  • Facility to purchase through a company to minimize Costa Rican tax exposure and facilitate easy resale
  • Major tourist investment dollars being spent
  • Two international airports
  • Land registered in your name with the Land Registry
  • Excellent infrastructure
  • World class health care at a fraction of the cost of many other countries worldwide

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