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Costa Rica Invest :: Costa Rica Invest :: Making your Costa Rican Dreams Reality | Testimonials

Costa Rica Invest believes in the Golden Rule:

The goal of any investment is for everyone involved in the transaction to walk away a winner. You can count on dedicated representation, ethical treatment and honesty when working with Costa Rica Invest.

With already over 500 land and timber investment clients in Europe alone, our list of satisfied clients is growing exponentially. Among them are private investors, real estate developers, project developers and building companies who have purchased building and plantation plots from 2,500 to 1,500,000 EUR.

Knowledge is power. Investing is an art. Let us help you benefit from our tireless dedication and expertise in Costa Rican land investment!

"Thank you for everything. This e-mail is about one of your employee/associates, Ms. Judy Ferguson. I am lucky to know Judy for more than 6 months now. She is an honest and wonderful lady, and the biggest asset to the company. Although I never met or corresponded with her before, she always treated me as if we knew each other forever. Judy is intelligent, passionate and dedicated to her work, and I trust her with both my investment and my money. I had made the down payment for a 1/2 acre in Finca Pacifico II and unfortunately found myself with a financial difficulty. Judy was understanding and helpful and when I contacted her 2 months later, she treated me as if nothing had happened, she renewed my interest in the property and I proceeded with the purchase. I think it takes a family member to be so understanding, but she was there for me when I needed her. What a great lady and a major asset to your projects in Costa Rica or anywhere else in the world. For me she is a KEEPER!"
--- S. Jones, USA

"As far as recommending your investment to others and contacting you when I can proceed, please rest assured I will do both. Apart from the due diligence report, which was professionally done and gave its approval of the investment, I did plenty of my own research. Some of my friends have been to Costa Rica and have said buying a plot of land there is a great idea. Also, I have a friend living in Costa Rica who did some local research, and she also gave me a favorable review. Being fluent in Spanish meant I was able to phone various authorities in Costa Rica and speak directly to them about the project, which also resulted in a positive outcome. My own due diligence was probably more thorough than that of the professional financial advisor I engaged. Your scheme is a good investment and Costa Rica a wonderful place to live."
--- C. Daniels

"I would let you know how our visit to Costa Rica went. Firstly, we had a great holiday: the country and the people were fantastic. I really can recommend you to visit Costa Rica as soon as possible. Our visit to the Pacifico Dos was a very pleasant surprise. The welcome of Mr. Humberto Camareno was very warm and professional. Our plot of land exceeded our expectations. You gave us a great recommendation thank you very much! Hopefully also the business side (transfer of land) will also quickly complete."
--- A. Quadackers, Belgium

"As a total newcomer to this kind of investment, I was naturally quite nervous. Judy was brilliant. She led me by the hand all the way through the process and dealt with my many questions with so much patience and kindness. Her knowledge was excellent and her enthusiasm contagious. I am so glad that I went ahead with the purchase and look forward to receiving my title deeds later this year. Judy, I've told you before and I'd like to say it again, here. 'You are the best!' Thank you so much"
--- C. Lightbody, England

"We would like to thank Costa Rica Invest and particularly Judy Ferguson, for the thorough and efficient follow-through, kindness, competence and knowledge in relation to the purchase of our plot in Costa Rica."
--- C. Chenet, France

"Is a testimonial enough? I ask this question as to be honest I have never worked with an agent like you. You gave more than you should to ensure this become a reality. Coupled with my constraints of pleasing two other investors, your response to any question I had was timely. I work in an unusual international work environment with the Red Cross, but this did not phase you at all. I can only thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this happen. As a client I felt that you had my interests at heart – in fact I was talking to another professional who summed it is so well: you treated the whole purchase as if it was you actually making the purchase – and with such a level of care I can only commend you on future endeavors and to future investors."
--- S. Carter, Australia

"Thanks again. John made everything so clear and precise; it has been a pleasure for both of us to deal with you."
--- M. McHale, Ireland

"Judy was extremely professional and responsive and she did everything she could to make the sale of the property go smoothly. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone. Judy made it happen for me. Thank you!"
--- E. Burr, United States of America

"I have just bought my first investment property. Thanks to Judy and the staff for all their help, advice and responsiveness in making the transaction as straightforward as possible. I would recommend the company to anyone interested in overseas investment."
--- Y. Brennan, Ireland

"First, we would like to thank you very much for our marvellous time spent in Costa Rica. The whole trip exceeded our expectations. What a great country! Thank you for the warm reception and tour of the Fincas. The airplane ride and view of the whole coastline was super. It was very nice to meet you personally."
--- C. and H. Luijten, Holland

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