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Our Services > The CRI Team

The Costa Rica Invest team consists of highly qualified Investment Advisors, who have made it their focus to offer continual, personalized consultation services to every level of investor seeking Costa Rican land and/or teak plantation investments. Each advisor has been carefully selected to meet the rigorous requirements of our recruitment process, including education, experience, and special qualifications.

The extensive training in all the legal, financial, and local knowledge each advisor receives on a regular basis means that the Costa Rica Invest team are the most highly qualified in our field, capable of dealing with individual needs such as tax free investment in Costa Rica and intelligently advising clients of the numerous benefits to Costa Rica land investment and hardwood plantation projects. Our systematized service plan is followed throughout the investment process, from first contact throughout the life of your investment, and weekly one-on-one sessions with local and regional managers assures that each advisor goes above and beyond the norm to assure our clients of the best service experience possible when purchasing one of our real estate investments in Costa Rica.

To hear what our customers have to say about our work and our team, read our Investor Testimonials. To test our Costa Rican real estate investing service and tax free investment consultancy expertise, please contact one of our specialized investment advisors today.

James Cahill
James Cahill is a qualified Veterinary Surgeon by profession and a true entrepreneur.

Practicing as a Veterinary Surgeon for over 12 years in the United Kingdom and Brunei, specializing in Sport Horses, culminating with 6 years in charge of the largest sport horse training facility in the world with over 1,000 horses in training.

James returned to Ireland and set up the hazardous waste management company Progressive Environmental Services Ltd. The company grew to become one of the largest in Ireland in its field.

James went on to start Irish Environmental Processes Ltd. to establish a cutting edge hazardous waste processing facility, using technology developed in conjunction with the US military.

James's current interests include Irish Environmental Processes Ltd., a new lead processing and lumber recovery technology currently undergoing field trials by the US military, Hotel Express a worldwide corporate hotel discount program and of course Costa Rica Invest specializing in ethically responsible, environmentally friendly, high yield investments.

Carol Martling
Carol was focused initially after graduating college on sales/marketing strategies for large corporations in the US - Xerox Corporation, Eastman Kodak Company, and Lanier. Then, she turned to entrepreneurial businesses first in a retail/wholesale food business, later to a search firm focused on contract furnishing.

For the following decade she was a Financial Advisor first for a leading New England boutique firm Tucker Anthony, and later for a much larger firm PaineWebber.

Then in the early 90's Carol's Bachelors of Fine Arts degree came into play for her own entrepreneurial business within architectural photography & graphic design services directed to the boutique hotel marketplace, with turnkey meetings and event services for high-end corporate groups of smaller sizes.

Her company, Martling & Company, designed brochures that brought together the best services to showcase the architecturally significant experiences in Savannah, Charleston, Miami and Boston for a corporate group's meeting or event to become memorable. And a highly selective group of executive retreats throughout the US were added within their own brochure.

Today, Carol has come full circle to her financial advisor roots as a consultant with Costa Rica Invest, an Irish company positioning 'real asset' investments of land and eco-friendly opportunities in Costa Rica. These are either land with teak trees, or agri-crops on the land. That has been combined with her love of architectural, boutique hotels, and investments that are so much more than increasing a profit, as these investments do increase a profits, while bettering the planet. One of the key investments involved a boutique hotel, home building, land with teak trees, and land with agri-crops in a stunning location between two valleys overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Judy Ferguson
Judy brings her knowledge of property investment to Costa Rica Invest. Educated in international marketing, she acquired extensive research and negotiation skills in the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), creating and implementing the principal statistical online resource, developing a sales strategy (now replicated for university groups worldwide and OECD's main incoming revenue stream) for groups of Universities in Sweden, Italy, Canada and an information dissemination strategy for Latin America.

She has also worked in a Development Organisation as Project Manager for grant funding for sustainable development projects in sub-saharan Africa (water, education, food security programmes) before managing the Irish operation of an international property investment company, working with a range of investors and the largest brokerages in Canada, the Caribbean, and Europe. A fluent French speaker, Judy is a good listener, and recognises the importance of listening to her clients to better analyse their requirements. Her main priority is to help each client achieve their goals by assessing which investment is most suitable to their particular needs.

John Douglas
Having lived and worked in Spain for the last 10 years John is now back in Dublin working in land and commodity investments, helping his clients achieve high profit opportunities in the fast growing economy of Costa Rica. As an investment consultant with Costa Rica Invest, John specializes in land and commodity investments in Costa Rica. John provides one-on-one support to all levels of investors who seek land with excellent development potential backed by the additional benefit of teak on the land.

John McKenzie
John worked in the local property market in Ireland for the past 7 years specializing in the new and resale residential property market. A desire to branch out into new and exciting overseas opportunities has led him to Costa Rica Invest where he has quickly become an expert on the investment opportunities that Forestry and Development Land in Costa Rica provide.

Brian Kinnerk
Brian's background is in public relations and he has a number of years working in the hospitality industry, telecoms and financial services sectors under his belt.

Brian brings a particular understanding of the importance of matching the client's investment needs on both a business and personal level.

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