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Costa Rica Invest :: Costa Rica Invest :: Making your Costa Rican Dreams Reality| Our Mission

Costa Rica Invest specialises in ethical Costa Rican land investment and tropical timber reforestation projects. Based in Ireland, we strive to meet the financial and ethical aspirations of our customers by seeking out green real estate investments, such as strategically placed Costa Rican land for development as well as the planting and harvesting of tropical hardwood "trees for profit" and "permanent reforestation". Our property experts search high and low for the right land, timber and real estate projects to meet our clients needs. Each building plot and tropical hardwood plantation project must meet our stringent criteria to generate a significant return on investment in the short to mid term.

Our goal is to present each of our investors with a carefully selected, managed and ideally located project of Costa Rican development land and/or tropical hardwood plantations in order to ethically gain access to returns that were once only available to large institutions and private equity funds. We travel personally to each location in Costa Rica and maintain a constant oversight of each land or reforestation project we select. We tirelessly search on behalf of our clients for new ideal building lot locations and ethical real estate investment projects which ensure a rapid increase in value.

It is our belief that real wealth does not need to come at the expense of others. Carefully selected development land and sustainable forestry in Costa Rica, properly managed as a selectable and stable investment is more profitable that short term forestry destruction. Not only will your tropical hardwood plantations plot secure you a very healthy return, but you will also be directly responsible for reducing the demand placed on our natural rainforests.

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