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Grow Your Own "OilField" Today

Location: Buenos Aires, Southern Zone, Costa Rica
Opportunity: Fully Serviced building plots of 5,000 SQM with Jatropha and Macauba
Price: US$35,000

  • Located in the Southern Zone

  • Zoned for development, planted with Jatropha & Macauba the oil of the future

  • With no increase in biofuel prices your land will yield over US$7,000 per annum from year 5 onwards

  • Analysts predict a doubling of biofuel prices over the next 5 years (with increased returns for you)

  • Land Prices in the Southern Zone to increase due to new international airport, road improvements and the huge hydroelectric dam project close by

  • Projected ROI (biofuel yield + land) 580%. over a 10 year investment

  • Fully Managed

  • Costa Rica has committed to including biofuel in its fuel to meet its 2021 committment to CO2 neutrality

Project Partners:


Location, location, location -- the Southern Zone will see strong price growth with the opening of the new international airport, road and other infrastructural improvements and the development of the El Diquis Dam project.

This area is one of the hot zones identified by UBA as being ideal for the growth of Jatropha and Macauba.

Jatropha Oil is the Fuel of the Future

These lots are ideal for pure investors - providing yearly income and development land capital increases

These lots are also ideal if you plan to have a home in Costa Rica in the medium term - imagine living in a beautiful location 40 minutes from the new International Airport in a beautiful tropical orchard that provides you with significant yearly income

Your Jatropha plants will be fully managed by United Biofuels of America with guaranteed mandated purchase contracts in place. The results for you are conservatively estimated at US$49,500 over 10 years from the biofuel alone

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