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Making your Costa Rican Dreams Reality :: Costa Rica Invest

We are delighted to offer our "Fly & Buy" for both NatureWalk and General Property Listings

DETAILS - Fly & Buy General Property Listings

  • Sign a buyers representation agreeement in advance of travelling to Costa Rica and

  • Travel to Costa Rica before the end of December 2015 and

  • If you contract to buy any of our listings* from any of our Costa Rica offices** whilst you are in Costa Rica we will give you a rebate of 1% of the purchase price up to a maximum of US$2,000 at closing

  • Click here for more details

DETAILS - Fly & Buy Naturewalk

  • Reserve a lot in NatureWalk*

  • Travel to Costa Rica within 30 days

  • Visit Naturewalk, see the area, meet the developer

  • If you decide to proceed with your purchase in NatureWalk

  • We will give a contribution of US$2,000 towards the cost of your visit**

  • Ask your sales consultants for more details

Enter your details below to find out more about how you can fly and buy

* To avail of the fly and buy in NatureWalk there is a minimum reservation of US$50,000. Reservation requires a 15% refundable deposit. In the event that Naturewalk is not for you, your deposit will be refunded less a US$250 contract issuing fee. You can cancel your reservation at any time for any reason.

** The US$2,000 buy and fly contribution will be credited against the closing payment on your property

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