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Our Projects > How We Select Our Projects

Before acquiring a new estate for building plots or a tropical hardwood plantation, we subject the property to a thorough investigation. Costa Rica Invest has in-depth knowledge about the land, inhabitants, infrastructure, government plans, and current legislation of Costa Rica. When a promising development land or timber project is offered to us, we send a team to visit the location and research the on-site and surrounding area’s infrastructure and benefits, including the local roads, shopping centers, airports, hospitals, area development, proximity to the sea and beach, composition of the soil and the development opportunities of the land.

When a Costa Rican real estate project has been deemed suitable for the sale of building plots or establishment of a tropical hardwood plantation, we purchase the property. Then the estate is divided into building and/or plantation plots, competitively priced, and offered for sale to private individuals and companies. Our partners manage the construction of the roads, the fences, the access gates and the water and electricity supply.

In 2009 our partner in Costa Rica was offered over 30 different land and sustainable forestry projects, of which, ultimately, only one was chosen. That project was Naturewalk 1 which was 200 acres. Naturewalk 1 was so successful it has been expanded two times (Naturewalk 2 and Naturewalk 3) and it now covers almost 1,200 acres. We won’t offer a land investment or timber plantation project to our investors unless we ourselves are willing to invest in it.

Click any link below for full information on our projects.

  • Nature Walk 1, Nature Walk 2, Nature Walk 3,

  • Turribares, Nr. Jaco, Costa Rica

  • 1,200 acre finca, divided into fully serviced development lots of 1,000m2 and upwards

  • Lots are planted with a range of fully managed high value crops

  • Large range of home designs available to suit all budgets

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