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Pricing for Costa Rica Corporations and Services

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A Costa Rica corporation can serve many valuable purposes and to establish one is quite easy. It simply requires the professional services of a reputable Costa Rica attorney. With a corporation you can privately and securely hold Real Estate, Bank Accounts, Cell Phones, Vehicles and many other assets. It allows you, in a sense, to act as a Costa Rica with many of those inherent rights.

For corporations, NATUREWALK uses lawyers that we have done business with and are confident of their services and abilities. . They have established corporations for Canadians, Americans and many other nationalities around the world. They are fully bilingual and are originally from Canada.

The costs for a corporation and other services are outlined below. Choose the service which best suits your needs and contact us at your convenience for more help with selections. We act solely as a facilitator to offer these valuable services and information to our clients. We have also included an easy to read chart at the end of this write-up listing the different services and costs.

Please Note: Any knowledgeable Costa Rica attorney can establish a corporation structure and perform these services. However, it has been our experience that for the service value our recommended lawyers offer – expertise, methods, attention to detail and the time and it takes to perform each service – they are priced very competitively. This recommendation is made and these prices are provided to our clients only.

With regard to other services such as cell phones and driver’s licences, we are pleased to handle these personally for you and guide you through the process.

Corporations and Services


1. Costa Rica Corporation: Basic Plan: $875. USD

(Known as a S.A or Sociedad Anónima)

For: Property Ownership (and needed before property title transfer), Cell Phones, Vehicles, Bank Accounts Etc. The basic plan includes a preformed corporation that is pre-formed by the lawyer firm and ready to accept directors and officers. For a “new” corporation the cost is $100. higher and the time to form and register the corporation is significantly longer.)

You do not have the opportunity to choose the name as these entities are similar to numbered companies in CANADA or the USA but do have names associated to them. E.g. ‘Butterflies of the South S.A.’. You do not need to be in Costa Rica to open one but at sometime your need to sign on behalf of the registry process. In other words, you need to be here within a year. You must have 2 people as Directors - yourself and maybe a spouse. The process takes 1 hour but the Registry time is 3 weeks to establish you as the owner. If you’re opening a bank account on your next visit to Costa Rica, then it’s a good idea to open the corporation at least 3 weeks before your arrival.

2. Costa Rica Corporation Books and Annotations: $125.00 USD

This service establishes the Books of the S.A. Corporation (6 Corporate Books are needed for active companies and 3 for inactive companies) and makes the first entries in the record books.

3. Corporation Annual Filings and Corporate Recordkeeping: $150.00 USD

This service is provided on an annual basis to keep the Corporation filings up to date as is required and provide the safe-keeping of the Corporate Books of the Company.


1. Basic Corporation Bank Account: : $500 .00 USD

Our attorneys can assist you in opening a corporation bank account within the national banks of Costa Rica or within the private banks, (examples are Scotiabank or HSBC) . A corporation tax statement needs to be made by the attorneys before any bank will open your account as well as other other documentation collected.. A member of our lawyer’s staff will be present with you to assist in Spanish/English translations/polices and to help set up the access policies to your account. As with all bank within Costa Rica you can have check books if needed and an international VISA/MC debit card when you open your account. All banking in Costa Rica can be done online. In addition to the cost, a $500.00 USD minimum deposit must be made to open the bank account. You need to be in Costa Rica at the time of opening the account and the time needed is 2-4 hours.

RESIDENCY APPLICATION PROCESS $2,150.00 USD (Pensionado or Rentista Status)

Until you obtain official Residency in Costa Rica you enter under a 90 day Tourist Visa. This requires you to leave the country every 90 days for at least 72 hours and then re-enter to be granted a new Tourist Visa. While many people use this as an excuse to visit neighboring countries for a short vacation, the continued trips can become inconvenient. Obtaining Residency in Costa Rica is no longer a simple process and there are a number of different categories under which Residency can be obtained. You may qualify under the “the “Pensionado, Rentista, or Inversionista” Rules, or with regard to NATUREWALK, the investment in Forestry Rule to name some. Unfortunately the Rules for Residency keep changing and is advisable to let a professional guide you through the process and select the best category for you to fit under. To fully obtain your Residency in Costa Rica it can take up to 1 year however, once applied for you no longer need to leave the Costa Rica every 90 days. You will need to be in Costa Rica sometime during the process to present yourself for fingerprinting and at the Immigration Department to receive your Residency Card.


1. Costa Rica Drivers License $300 USD

A Costa Rica driver’s license is a good form of ID to be carrying in Costa Rica. The most beneficial is that while you’re in the country you are not required to carry your passport or even a copy of your passport. It’s also an accepted form of ID when using Credit Cards or doing Banking. You will require a valid driver’s license from your country of residence/citizenship and your passport and the process can take 3-4 hours. A representative will accompany you to the government motor vehicle agency and help guide you through the process.

2. Cellular Phone Service $300 USD

Buying and using a cell phone in Costa Rica takes a bit of knowledge. Most countries today fall under the United States Homeland Security Policy and in order to qualify for a cell phone outside your country of residence your require a corporation. With a Costa Rica corporation you are entitled to own a cell phone. The procedure can be hard to understand particularly if you don’t speak any Spanish but it’s a relatively simple one with some knowledge. You are responsible for the purchase of your own phone (must be purchased in Costa Rica – a receipt is required), and an up to date statement from the Registry regarding the Corporation. You need to be in Costa Rica for this and the process can take 3-4 hours.


Item Cost (US$) Description
Basic Corp SA $500 Basic "shelf" corporation
Books & Annotations $125 Supplying Books & First Notations
Annual Corporate Record Keeping $150 Annual filings to keep S.A. up to due date
Residency Application & Process $2,150 Complete application and process service
Basic corporate bank account $500 Bank account at a national or private bank
Costa Rica Drivers Licence $300 Assistance obtaining a COsta Rican drivers licence
Costa Rican Cellular Phone $300 Assistance in getting a Costa Rica Cellular Line in your Corporation Name.

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